LED Miners Cap Lamp

Battery Type Li-ion
IP Rated IP65
Battery voltage 3.7V
Battery capacity 5Ah
Discharge time 16 hours
Lux at 1 meter distance > 6000 lux
Led chip Voltage 3.6V
Led chip Current 350mA
Weight of cap lamp 0.550 kg
Life of battery 1100 cycles
Color CW
Input (charging) 230 V AC / 50Hz
Output Charging clip-key assembly specially designed.
•    Safe and reliable.
•    Product Chip Life : > 25,000 hours
•    Modular Assembly with tamper proof design.
•    Short circuit protection.
•    Over charge & over discharge cut off.
•    Explosion Proof.
•    Low voltage alert in headpiece unit.
•    Suitable for methane environment.
•    Charging status indicator in headpiece unit.
•    Indication LED's: Red to indicate 'charving' Green to indicate 'fully charged'.