Model Name: LED Bird Flight Diverter Product Description: Bird protection with snap fast clamp. Warning Disc: Trapezoid 155x120 mm THK: 3.00 mm Total Height: 344 mm Weight: 540 gms

LED Bird Flight Diverter

Model NameLED Bird Flight Diverters
Product DescriptionBird protection with snap fast clamp.
Warning DiscTrapezoid 155x120 mm
THK3.00 mm
Total Height344 mm
Weight540 gms
Clamp Type snap Fast Model-IPL-01-BFD-SClamp is Spring Loaded type suitable for strongly gripping all types of Conductors (ASCR & Others)
and other wire of diameters 8mm to 70mm
Hardware MaterialAll Hardwares except the metallic parts are Non Conductive
 Warning Disc and clamp are made of Impact Resistance and UV Stabilized Plastic
 All Suspension Hardware , directly exposed, are made of corrosion free stainless steel which resist salt, spray & adverse weather.
Motion / MovementStainless steel ball bearing Swivel coupled with the aerodynamic wings allows 360° spinning of the warning disc in extremely low winds
 The Bird Diverter assembly allows the warning Disc to swing and sway along with the rotation, thus altering birds approaching from all the directions.
Size of Reflection AreaMin 7000Sq. Mm reflective areas on each face with both sides having different colored rectangular sun and moon reflective stickers manufactured by 3M
Glow in Dark PropertyMin 7000Sq. Mm glow in dark areas on each face with both sides having rectangular glow in dark in the dark stickers with afterglow in low light conditions for a long time.
TemperatureNo effect in -30°C to +100°C temperatures
Load Bearing StrengthLoad Bearing strength of more than 100 kgs for the direct pull test.
Grip Retaining StrengthTested in wind Tunnel and proven to successfully retain its position up to wind velocity of 70+ kmph and tested to not slip till load value more than 25kgs for the Clamp Slip test.
Environmental Impacts / AgeingCompliance for Temperature range tests from high to low extremes according to IEC 60068-1 test A and 60068-2 test B
 Compliance for wind & dust test according to MIL-STD 810F Method 510.4 Proc-1
 Compliance for Solar Radiation Test according to MIL-STD 810F Method 505.4 proc II
 Compliance for sand & dust test according to MIL-STD 810G Method 510.5 Proc 1
 Compliance for salt fog and humidity test according to MIL-STD 810F Method 509.4 and Method 507.4
Visual corona and Radio interference Voltage(RIV)No Significant corona Discharge for different system Voltages and the value satisfies the technical requirements by CEA
Solar Powered LED Type DiverterLED's are of orange or white colored or combination of both with adequate light intensity so that it is
clearly visible from a distance of >300 m during foggy /dusty weather/under the low intensity of light.
BatteryBattery has a guarantee a service life of 5 years & is suitable for at least 100 hours of flashing
operation by a single charge.
Automatic power cut off circuitAn automatic power cut off circuit is provided to improve battery life so that during day time ( due to the high intensity of light from the sun ) the circuit gets cut off & stops flashing , and the circuit switches on automatically under low intensity light conditions.
Position of Solar cellThe position of Solar cell is set in such a way that it gets sunlight irrespective of the direction of the diverter face , and the dust & snow does not decrease its efficiency.
 Passes general requirements for RIV -tests according to C1 14.6 of IEC 61284